Gino Robair

I, Norton at the Kennedy Center, DC

"I, Norton" performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

"I, Norton", performed at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC on September 16, 2013. Ensemble features Sarah O'Halloran, Andrew Delclos, Janel Leppin, Nathan Lincoln-Decusatis, Daniel Barbiero, Anthony Pirog, Izzy Forlin (blippoo box), Gary Rouzer, Bobby Hill. Gino Robair - conductor.
Video by Sonic Circuits.

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

Featuring Tom Duff as Norton I, Tim Thompson on live video, Chris Brown, Kristin Miltner, and Wobbly doing live sampling. (September 19, 2009 Brava Theater, San Francisco, CA.)
Video by Gino Robair.

"I, Norton" by Gino Robair (excerpt with sfSound)

sfSound ensemble with Kristin Miltner, Wobbly, and Chris Brown on live electronics. Tom Duff as Emperor Norton and Aurora Josephson as Miss Minnie Wakeman. (October 12,2008 at ODC Dance Commons, San Francisco, CA.)
Video by Tim Perkis.

California Columbarium, Chapel of the Chimes (Part 1)

Premiere performance (part 1) of the “Divination” section of “I, Norton” at the Garden of Memory (21 June, 2009). Performed in the California Columbarium, Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA. Tom Duff, as Norton I, reading a proclamation while interpreting a score using objects on the table. Polly Moller plays the bass flute in this excerpt.

California Columbarium, Chapel of the Chimes (Part 2)

Premiere performance (part 2) of the “Divination” section of “I, Norton” at the Garden of Memory (21 June, 2009).

Workshop and Concert: CAID, Detroit

Workshop and Concert footage from May 2009 at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) in Detroit, MI and The Heaven Gallery in Chicago, IL.
Video by Debbie Sheppard.

Claudia Cassidy Theater Concert: Chicago, IL

Concert performed at the Claudia Cassidy Theater in Chicago, IL. October 2009. Thank you Dan Godston and Friends.
Video by Debbie Sheppard.

Mildred E. Bastian Center for the Performing Arts in St. Louis, MO

March 2009. The entire concert is over an hour long. This is just a sample.
Video by Debbie Sheppard.

Rova:Arts series. Oakland, CA

As part of the Rova:Arts series, Gino Robair demonstrates his music and methods for the opera "I Norton" with a 40-piece orchestra of Bay Area improvisers. Derk Richardson is the host. (February 1, 2006, 21 Grand, Oakland, CA.)

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