Gino Robair

Q:  What is the minimum number of performers needed to stage "I, Norton"?
A:  The work can be performed by any number of people for any length of time.

Q:  Do we need an actor or singers?
A:  No. A performance can be done without actors, singers, or even musicians. Much of the score can be interpreted by non-musicians. In addition, the libretto is embedded into the score, so it appears during a performance even if it isn't sung or spoken.

Q:  What are the minimum tech requirements?
A:  There are no tech requirements. The piece can be performed indoors or outdoors, with or without costumes, sets, lighting, or a sound system. The piece is designed to be presented anywhere at any time - in a theater, in a concert hall, on a street corner, or at a metro stop.

Q:  Is there a minimum or maximum length of time that a performance should take?
A:  A performance can be of any length. Seriously!

Q:  What if I don't have a budget? Can I still stage a performance?
A:  Of course! All you need are participants and a place to perform.

Q:  How do I get a copy of the full score?
A:  Contact Gino Robair by email. The score is in the form of a kit, so it can be tailored to your performance interests.